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Being in Balance

HSE research* has shown that, from the age of 25, women feel significantly more stress at work than men. The causes of stress are tenfold but include a lack of managerial support, bullying, role uncertainty, and heavy workloads. Ignoring the causes of stress and overwhelm in the workplace costs companies and families dearly.

That’s where my Being in Balance training program can help.

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The scary thing about burnout is that we don’t see it coming … until it is too late.

Women who are trying to do it all, both at work and at home have to learn to do things differently if they are to stay healthy, happy, and effective.


Pushing through just doesn’t work for women!


My Being in Balance group training program helps women take stock of how they are ‘doing’ life, and to evaluate where things can (and need to be) rebalanced.


How it works

Step one is to re-evaluate and find perspective. Then, with a conscious effort to create the balance and stay there is so hard when work and life constantly demand more.

Learning to set boundaries, understand your own personal needs, and confidently have these needs met without feeling selfish enables women to find and stay in balance.

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Change starts with an obligation free call.

Still have questions? Want to know more? Schedule a free discovery call, to see if the Being In Balance™ Programme is right for you.

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